Foregate dental clinic; your dentist in the Centre of Chester City

Our long running family dentists in Chester have six combined practices right in the heart of Chester City. We have the capacity to meet you and your household’s dental needs, from infant to elderly dental

Dentists in Chester have strived for the highest standard of care by integrating into the future Health Partnership Practices. We are able to provide the highest standard through the collective expertise, diversity in specialisms and buying power of the greater group.

Within our surgery, we operate as a three dentist and a two therapist team; between us, we can cover the full range of general dentistry and offer the complete set of NHS compatible treatments. In addition to these, we have developed cosmetic treatments for everything from dermal filling to veneers. We welcome both private and NHS patience and have a co-operative philosophy of looking after our patients to the same standard we would expect of our own family members.

Our children’s dentistry is a mix of prevention and oral health education. For our patients who are yet to have their adult teeth, there is little reason for invasive treatment fillings or even orthodontist intervention but developing the routines around oral hygiene and maintenance allows for many future procedures to be avoided.

We have also implemented a dental health membership plan that allows you to pay monthly into your plan covering future dental costs giving access to a range of Private Healthcare at an affordable rate to the widest number of potential patients.

Who’s Gonna Call! a dentist

After the chaos of the last year (which has had quite a disruptive impact on many surgeries) we have managed to continue to operate, providing emergency dental service to all of our patients as well as extending it to key workers during the crisis period.

Delays in dental care almost always result in a more complicated and harder to treat condition rather than early intervention. This is particularly true for emergency dental care. It can be very easy to overlook a minor chip to the tooth but with the removal of enamel on the chip’s surface and the creation of a rough surface for bacteria to gain a foothold, chips can easily become  cavities. If a tooth has been completely lost to a sudden trauma, it may be tempting to assume that the damage is done and there is little that can be resolved by a dentist.

This is simply untrue. It is very unlikely that a whole tooth has been removed; during a trauma, teeth are often broken, leaving the root deep in the gum with an open socket ripe for infection.  Without intervention, not only is infection probable but the route will channel this infection into the jaw. Due to the low blood flow to bone tissue, infections can be particularly problematic to treat even if the bacteria in question is susceptible to antibiotics. As you can see it is far better to seek out emergency dental care rather than allow a scenario like this to play out.

If you have any further questions or need to sign up to our dentists in Chester, please feel free to get in contact with our clinic.

Importance of maintaining good oral health

Maintaining good oral health and having an effective daily dental hygiene routine is an important part of our lives and positively impacts our overall well-being. Regular visits with the dentist in Chester, at least twice a year for maintenance of healthy teeth, and more frequent in the event of dental issues, is vital in ensuring that your teeth are clean, strong, healthy and that dental problems can be detected early, treated more successfully and further complications are avoided. Poor oral hygiene can result in many different issues of the teeth beginning with the build-up of plaque and the formation of tartar which is the root cause of many different diseases. If left untreated plaque and tartar can result in cavities,  tooth decay gum diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis and can even lead to eventual tooth loss. It is important to visit your dentist in Chester regularly to ensure such issues are detected before they can fully present themselves and therefore help avoid more serious issues and ultimately help retain your natural teeth for as long as

Emergency care and general treatment at the dentist

In an accident or emergency which may have affected your teeth, it is essential that you see your dentist in Chester as soon as possible. Your dentist can provide emergency dental treatment, and the sooner that you are able to book an appointment and be checked by one of our dentists, the greater chance there is of successful recovery depending on the extent of the injury. Emergency dental care is available for issues such as toothache, chipped or broken teeth, problems with your fillings or crowns and other issues such as abscesses and facial swelling. These can be painful and uncomfortable problems and it is essential that you see your dentist as soon as possible to not only help treat the pain and discomfort but also prevent further complications and permanent damage. Your comfort, ease and well-being are our priority so you can rest assured that any treatment will be carried out with as minimal discomfort as possible, using anaesthetics where necessary. Your dentist will examine the extent of the damage and restore your teeth either temporarily or permanently and also prevent infection at the same time which will help prevent other problems and also help improve the overall health of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry

To meet the demands and requirements of the modern age of social media, selfies, and in accordance with advances in dental technology, there are now many different types of cosmetic dentistry available. Everyone wants to be able to smile more brightly and more beautifully and although previously dental treatment as an adult may have been embarrassing or uncomfortable, and avoided, cosmetic dentistry is designed to be discreet, convenient and comfortable to suit your hectic lifestyle but also meet your dental needs. If your teeth are healthy, whether you suffer from stained or discoloured teeth, misaligned, wonky, crooked teeth, gapped teeth or overcrowding, teeth of different shapes and sizes, speak to your dentist in Chester to find out the variety of different treatment options which are available for you to help achieve the smile that you are looking for.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers at the dentist in Chester are a cosmetic procedure designed to smooth and eliminate aging features. At Future Health Partnership practices we use this injectable filler on facial lines and wrinkles. This leaves a patient with a fresh, young and youthful appearance which is the core aim of this procedure. Typically, fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is a natural component that is produced by the body. Therefore, when this filler is injected there is less likely chance of getting an allergic reaction as the filler is not foreign to the body intake. The hyaluronic acid gels are usually and are made from non-animal sources. Throughout the years the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid usually disappears which ultimately leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, the dermal filler at the dentist in Chester replaces more hyaluronic acid to smooth the skin’s texture. Fillers are not only designed to treat the facial area but it can also be used for lip enhancement. Other areas such as the hand and neck contours can also be treated. If you are considering undergoing a dermal filler treatment, do not hesitate to book an appointment at the dentist in

Benefits of the dermal filler treatment

Dermal filler treatment is a great option to bring back the skin’s elasticity as well as producing a youthful finish. However, there are many more life benefits that follow with this cosmetic procedure.

Immediate results post procedure

One of the most common benefits that come with undergoing a dermal filler treatment is that it provides immediate results. After the dermal filler injection is placed into the problem areas you will gradually notice a huge difference on the skin.

Therefore, recovery time of the treatment is not an issue for patients and alongside this the treatment can approximately take only 10 minutes. For other cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery there is a longer recovery period. After the treatment is done an individual is free to work and continue their day to day lives without having to worry about recovery. However, with every cosmetic treatment there can be potential side effects which you may experience. These side effects tend to be less severe and not something that will need immediate medical attention. The usual and most common and minimal side effects are swelling or redness. This usually occurs near the treated area. However, these common side effects gradually disappear within several hours or even in some cases a day. With this treatment you are able to use makeup products post procedure to cover any side effects.

To avoid these side-effects our staff at Future Health Partnership Practices will ensure that we provide our patients with the appropriate instructions prior to treatment. We will also provide post procedure instructions to reduce the risk of any infection

Long lasting results

Another major benefit from receiving dermal filler is the long lasting results this treatment provides. This treatment has the ability to last for approximately a year which means an individual will feel and look young. It is highly advised that an individual undergoes 4-6 touch ups after the first appointment. This will help maintain the results and create a long term finish.

The importance of visiting the Dentist in Chester

New patients

When a new patient younger or older visits our dental practice we want them to rest assured that they are in safe hands. The first appointment will therefore be around 30 minutes long and will have a detailed discussion with you about your dental needs and how we can work as a team to give you everything you need. During this time an extensive assessment of the teeth, gums, jaw and bite will be undertaken to ensure that we have an idea of what state your oral health is in and put a plan in place. From there we are able to create a bespoke treatment plan and advise our patient on how to maintain or improve the overall health of the mouth. In order to go the extra mile, an oral cancer scan will also be taken.


Existing patients

Once the Dentist in Chester has an understanding of how the patient’s oral health is they will work from the patient’s bespoke plan which was established within the first appointment. For those in need of particular treatments, all available and relevant dental options will be discussed and explained to ensure that our patient understands the treatments available. The patients that only require regular dental check-ups will also receive the utmost care and in order to ensure that a high standard of oral health is maintained at home alongside a check and clean a discussion on how to maintain excellent oral health at home will take place.

Routine check-ups and what to expect

Whilst dental check-ups may seem unimportant if your teeth and gums feel ok, without the knowledge and a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and mouth it is sometimes hard to know. Regular check-ups allow our Dentist in Chester to work using preventive care.

Each appointment, whether a new patient or existing patient, will go through a thorough examination of the teeth, gums and mouth. Then depending on the individual case a series of x-rays may be taken if required. If the teeth are becoming negatively impacted by the patient’s life choices such as alcohol consumption or smoking then this will be discussed during the check-up along with any dietary issues or other general health problems which may be impacting the overall oral hygiene.

Most importantly a discussion and plan of action will be made for the at-home care of the patient’s teeth. This can include brushing techniques and whether or not to use an electric toothbrush. The use of interdental brushes or flossing for the areas where the toothbrush does not reach or a variety of other cleaning methods. Maintaining and improving oral hygiene begins at home and is perfected and tweaked in a dental practice. Through a combined effort from the patient and Dentist in Chester, the overall oral health can be at the highest level and as a result, prevent future dental treatments and procedures.

Please note, all treatments and procedures carry a series of potential risks. We therefore encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice from their local dental team.

Dentist in Chester for dental implants

If you are unhappy with how your teeth look due to gaps in the teeth or severely decayed teeth, then dental implants could be for you. These implants replace your natural teeth, but still look and act like them. This treatment is mostly used with patients who already have missing teeth, but can also be done after a tooth

Our dentists’ main focus is to make sure you are as happy as possible with your smile, and they can assist you. We will always make you feel welcome and comfortable when you come into our dental practice, as we know it can be nerve wracking.

How does it work?

The entire process of getting dental implants can take a few months, but it is very worth it because they can last a lifetime with the right care. There are a few steps to getting dental implants, all of them being an important part in the process of getting your smile back.

The first step of getting dental implants is having a consultation meeting with your dentist in Chester. This is vital in making sure that you are eligible for the implants in the first place. We will examine the area to make sure it is in a good enough condition, and will take scans to make sure there is still enough bone in the area to allow the implant to attach.

If you are eligible and ready for your dental implants, then the next step can begin. The more surgical parts of this treatment are done under local anaesthetic, but you will still be awake. The area will be numbed very well by the anaesthetic, but if you are still feeling nervous then we are able to arrange some form of sedation for you. Once you have your consultation meeting, there are usually two appointments which follow.

The first of these appointments will involve your dentist in Chester opening up the gum in the chosen area, and drilling the initial hole in the bone which will hold the implant. A metal post will be implanted deep into the bone and the area will be recovered and left for several months to heal. This healing stage is so important in making sure that the implant will be stable in the gum.

Once the post has fused to your bone, this is when it will be time to get your crown fitted. A custom crown/filling would have been made previous to this appointment ready for when the bone is healed. You can choose between removable and fixed implants, it is completely up to you. Your dentist in Chester will then attach the crown to the metal post and the process is complete!

The advantages

The main benefit that our patients love about dental implants is how easy it is to take care of them. All you have to do is make sure you are brushing and flossing regularly, just like you would with your natural teeth. It is as simple as that!

Another great advantage of getting dental implants is that it supports the teeth around it. When you have missing teeth, this puts pressure on the teeth surrounding it, meaning they can weaken and become damaged. When you have the implant in, this means that those teeth are supported, just like when you had your natural teeth.

Dental implants look just like your natural teeth, which our patients love. This is why it is such a popular way of replacing missing teeth. They will blend in almost perfectly with your other teeth, meaning no-one would ever know you have implants.

Dos and don’ts of tooth extraction

At Future Health Partnership Practices, we don’t take tooth extractions lightly, because we will always endeavour to save and repair teeth whenever possible. In severe cases of decay and unresponsive gum disease, it is unavoidable, so how should you manage your extraction so the procedure and aftercare go as smoothly as possible? Let’s find out more from our dentist in Chester.

Each person is unique so the following can only be a rough guide for the average

Steps we go through in the clinic

Dependent on the location of the tooth, and the involvement of the root in the case of an impacted tooth, a set of X-rays may be carried out to guide the extraction. A local numbing agent is applied, usually by injection into the gum. Our dentist in Chester can also provide partial sedation at this point if required. Antibiotics will only be prescribed if there are active signs of infection, to avoid overuse.


Just a few tips on a speedy and successful recovery. After the extraction, the first 24 hours are the most important. Avoid aggressively rinsing out the mouth for 24 hours post-surgery, as it can disturb the formation of blood clots and new scabs. Choose softer foods and avoid very sticky food like toffee. If the extraction site bleeds, you can stem the bleeding by biting down on a piece of clean cloth for 10 to 15 minutes. Both alcohol and smoking can prevent healing and should be avoided for as long as possible post-extraction. A saltwater mouthwash can be used 4 times a day, but only after the first 24 hours when all bleeding has stopped. Brush with caution, avoiding the affected site, but don’t stop brushing.

Possible complications post-extraction

It is common to expect some secondary effects of extraction during recovery. Most of this sensation can be treated with over-the-counter pain relief. It is normal for the teeth located around the extraction to feel sensitive for several weeks, but in particular to hot or cold stimuli. There are several reasons why healing can be delayed. If healing is very poor, dry socket can occur. If clotting does not occur within 24 hours, please get in contact with us. Dressing, stitching and a course of antibiotics may be required. You may experience a sensation following the wearing off of the localised numbing injection, it feels like pins and needles or a hot/cold numbness. It usually only lasts a few days, but could be a sign of infection if it continues for more than a week.

A follow-up appointment with a dentist in Chester is not always necessary post-extraction, but we like to check the rate of healing and explore any symptoms you might be having so we stop further complications.

After a local numbing agent has been applied, there is no reason why you can’t drive or return to work after extraction from our dentist in Chester. If you have had a general anaesthetic, you will need an escort to leave the surgery and shouldn’t operate heavy machinery for the rest of the day.