Emergency dental care – a priority at our dentist in Chester

More often than not, when someone knocks their teeth so they are chipped, broken or completely avulsed, it is an afterthought to go to the dentist and get them thoroughly checked. Our dentist in Chester wants to encourage you to contact your dental practice as soon as possible. This is because the sooner we are aware of the injury, the higher the chances are to re-implant the tooth or teeth depending entirely on the nature of the damage. At our practice we offer a variety of appointments for dental emergencies, these range from toothache to broken crowns and face trauma. Our job is to ensure that we are as effective as possible with your emergency dental treatment, to avoid additional complications further down the line. Our dentist wants to get you healed and comfortable as quickly as possible.emergency-dental-care

What is covered during a routine emergency appointment?

The appointment has been made and our dentist in Chester has been informed of what has happened. Our first step is to assess the injured area which will not only be by a physical examination, but potentially include X-rays to gain a more in depth insight into the damage which may have occurred.

The second step we will take is to relieve any discomfort that may be occurring as a result of the injury, depending on the severity of the pain, we will numb the area with a local anaesthetic.

As with any injury there is the possibility of infection and therefore our third step is to reduce this risk by sterilising the injured area.

Whether a temporary or permanent restoration, our fourth step is to restore the damaged tooth or teeth. The nature of the restoration will be entirely dependent on the severity of the damage. If we believe the damage to be severe our dentist in Chester will discuss the possibility of tooth extraction followed by implants or other restoration treatments.

Is it necessary to consult the dentist if I am only having minimal discomfort from the injury?

We understand that not all knocks or injuries to the mouth cause pain immediately, however, the long-term effects may cause discomfort. Therefore we encourage you to visit our dentist to avoid any future complications. We want to preserve the remaining tooth structure and the best way to do this is to get to the injury early on. Other benefits of getting the damage sorted immediately is that it reduces the risk of infection, which in the long term would affect your overall oral hygiene.

What if I am concerned about the cost of the appointment or treatment?

We understand that sometimes finances can play on your mind when it comes to booking an appointment, as the cost of treatment at that time will be uncertain. We are currently working on possible finance plans, so please feel free to discuss this with us when booking your appointment as we would rather help where we can.

Please note that with all dental treatments and procedures there is a potential risk. Therefore please talk to your local dentist to get more information on any mentioned in this article.