Is it worthwhile to visit the dentist in Chester for a hygiene appointment?

Although technology is assisting with everyday dental hygiene by creating new electronic toothbrushes, it is still extremely beneficial to attend a hygienist appointment regularly. Plaque is an unfortunate part of everyday life and affects every single patient. Hard to reach plaque can build up over time, but our dental hygienists can tackle this occurrence and help maintain a healthy mouth.hygiene-appointment

What happens in a hygiene appointment?

Our dentist in Chester may have referred you to one of our hygienists, as the removal of plaque is normally tackled by a specialist in this area. However, this does not mean that a physical examination of your mouth is skipped. No, the first thing to be done is to assess the plaque build-up and ensure that any potential risks that may occur are addressed.

When plaque is being dealt with it isn’t a simple brush and off you go. Our dental hygienists use special equipment and pastes to provide the teeth with a deep clean. We like to refer to this as scaling and polishing. As with all our appointments our ethos is with preventive dentistry as the goal. Therefore during your appointment you will be advised on the best brushing techniques and given clear instructions on how best to floss and use interdental brushes. This information is provided so that going forward the build-up of plaque can be reduced and potentially prevented entirely!

If mouthwash is used on a daily basis surely I won’t need to see a hygienist?

Unfortunately whilst mouthwash is useful to freshen up the breath, plaque build-up can still occur when the use of the extra cleaning measures, such as flossing and regular dental hygienist appointments are ignored. As a result, gum disease and bad breath can become a problem. Therefore our dentist in Chester recommends regular dental hygiene appointments to ensure that your mouth remains clean and healthy. It is also an excellent way to ensure your own personal dental cleaning regime is effective.

If I have dental implants do I need to visit the hygienist?

The short answer to this is yes. If you have had dental implants, a bridge, dentures or any other orthodontic treatment, plaque is still a very present issue. All it means is that you will have a specific cleaning regime provided and explained to you, as your individual needs will be slightly different to those without.

What are the long term benefits of these appointments?

By attending a hygienist appointment regularly the risk of tooth decay and the need for fillings is greatly reduced. There is also a considerable reduction in the potential risk of tooth loss. However, one of the most day to day noticeable differences is the maintained minty freshness of the mouth. So altogether our dentist in Chester believes there to be great short-term and long-term benefits.

As with all dental treatments and procedures there may be potential complications. Please discuss any of the treatments and procedures mentioned in this article in further detail with your local dentist.