Fed up with suffering from sensitive teeth? Treatments that our dentist can offer

It is a feeling many people know all too well.

While sipping an iced tea on a warm summer’s day, or drinking soup in the autumn, there is a twinge in one of their teeth which is very uncomfortable.dentist-in-chester

Known as dental sensitivity, this is a widespread issue and is caused by microscopic holes in the enamel of a tooth, allowing air and stimuli access to the nerve of the tooth. These holes may have formed due to erosion, or may even be the result of an unchecked cavity. Either way, once you have a sensitive tooth, it can really impact on your confidence and diet!

There are numerous ways that a sensitive tooth can be fixed. Regardless of what causes your sensitivity, we can help!

Sensitive teeth are an issue that our dentist in Chester treats regularly, and they can offer you long-term relief from that abrupt twinge. Whether it is due to a loose filling, a cavity or just general wear and tear, once we intervene, you will leave our surgery with a set of stronger, less sensitive teeth.

So, what are some of the ways that our team can resolve your sensitive teeth permanently?

Fluoride sealant

Let’s start with the most simple of all the techniques; the application of fluoride sealant.

While traditionally used to prevent a cavity from growing, our dentist in Chester may apply this sealant to a tooth that does not appear to have any damage or decay. Why? Because fluoride sealants can act as a barrier between those microscopic holes and your mouth, allowing you to sip that hot chocolate without the twinge.

Refilling tooth

It is possible that our dentist in Chester may need to refill one or many of your teeth if the sensitivity is linked to loose or missing fillings.

This sensitivity is more likely to be a bit more noticeable than the type associated with microscopic holes and can lead to dental infections. Consequently, once all of your fillings are back to where they should be, you will notice immediate relief from the discomfort.

Crown fitting

In cases where sensitivity is caused by extreme decay, trauma or breakage, then our team may recommend fitting a crown.

While this is a bit more complicated than restoring a filling, this will once again offer you instant relief from any sensitivity, while also simultaneously restoring the strength of the tooth and its overall functionality when biting into or chewing food.

Root canal

When all of the above treatments fail to relieve your sensitivity, it is time for a root canal.

While this is a last-resort for sensitive teeth, it has a very high success-rate. Be aware, depending on the tooth that requires the root canal, this procedure may be spaced over two or more sittings.

General tips

In events of more minor cases of sensitivity, our team can also direct you to enamel restoring toothpastes and even suggest a different toothbrush, which will cause less microabrasions and thus reduce the sensitivity that you already have.


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