Root canal issues but afraid to visit your dentist? Our dentist in Chester can help!

First of all, rest assured, we have you covered. We know that walking into a dental surgery for an appointment can be daunting and even more so in these uncertain times. Sometimes even picking up the phone to make the appointment can be something that is repeatedly put off. Our dentist in Chester is fully aware of the impact of nerves and therefore when you pick up the phone let us know that you are nervous and we will take extra measures to ensure your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as

What happens during a standard root canal therapy procedure?

Once our dentist has talked you through everything and ensured you have everything you need to engender a positive experience, we will begin to address your root canal discomfort.

In order to begin this process let us talk you through the standard procedure.

Step 1. In order to ensure there is minimal discomfort during the treatment we will administer a local anaesthetic.

Step 2. Using a drill, we prepare the tooth to gain access to the root canal system. Please note, when we mention a drill, it is not as scary as it sounds and is certainly a lot more delicate and precise than you may be expecting.

Step 3. A deep clean out of the root canal system will then occur removing all the pulp and infected parts.

Step 4. This needs to heal slightly and show us that the infection is completely gone, so the root canal system will be filled and sealed with a temporary crown.

Step 5. At your next visit we will check how the root canal system is, if all the infection has cleared we will permanently fill the tooth.

Is it beneficial to have a root canal therapy?

Aside from relieving any discomfort that you may be suffering from, there are lifelong benefits to having this skilled procedure. Our dentist in Chester wants to preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure and hopefully in doing so prevent any further infections spreading across the area. A highly important part of having this procedure done is to aim for complete restoration of the tooth to its natural appearance and feel.

What are the risks to leaving the infection untreated?

If left untreated it is likely that a lot of discomfort will occur as the infection could spread through the root canal leading to an abscess and/or potential tooth loss. Our dentist in Chester understands that as it is a time-consuming procedure you may feel too busy to get the issue sorted. Or perhaps your nerves are preventing you from making an appointment. Whatever it is, please give our dental team a call and we will help in whichever way we can, whether it be with flexible appointment times or by assisting somehow with your nerves.

Always be aware that with all dental procedures there is a potential risk, therefore please contact your local dental office to discuss any of the treatments or procedures mentioned in this article.