Some dental conditions and their treatments


Caries is a very common condition, which a lot of people go through throughout their lives. Caries or cavities are characterised by the formation of holes and cavities in the structure of the teeth, which are caused by tooth decay. The culprits behind this phenomenon are oral bacteria. These organisms make up our normal healthy microbiome, just like their counterparts, the gut bacteria. They feed on the sugars that can be found in the small food particles remaining in our mouth after a meal. One of the types of waste products they produce is organic acids. These can contribute to the dissolution of our teeth’s mineral content and their subsequent degradation and decay. Under healthy circumstances, the saliva we produce replaces most, if not all of the lost minerals. However, when a diet is high in sugars or someone has poor oral hygiene, the number of these bacteria increases, and proportionally the amount of acid they secrete too. This can cause tooth decay and cavities. Cavities are treated by fillings after they have been sterilised by a dentist. If you are looking to find a dentist in Chester to treat caries, book an appointment with us, the Future Health Partnership Practices in Chester.

Tooth loss

Tooth loss can occur through numerous mechanisms, but its most common causes are tooth decay, advanced gum disease and dental trauma. Both tooth decay and gum disease are at least partly caused by the oral microbial overgrowth. If the decay-causing organisms reach the innermost pulp tissue of the teeth and infect it, tooth loss will occur. The bacterial presence also causes the inflammation of the gum tissue. If this is left untreated, the chronic inflammation can cause persistent damage to the gum tissue and the tissues surrounding the teeth. Dental traumas mostly occur through workplace accidents, dangerous sports and traffic accidents. Prevent tooth loss by practising good oral hygiene, reducing your dietary sugar intake and by wearing a mouthguard when engaging in contact sports or other activities that come with an increased risk of dental trauma. Tooth loss can be treated by dental implants. These devices are made out of titanium and have a similar appearance to a screw. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone, where they integrate into the tissue and behave as an artificial root, upon which the artificial teeth are later placed. If you would like to find a dentist in Chester to treat tooth loss, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us.

Tooth discolouration

Tooth discolouration can occur due to numerous reasons, but generally, besides the aesthetic issue, it is not a cause for serious concern. Tooth discolouration can occur due to consuming staining foods or beverages (e.g. coffee), smoking, ageing, certain antibiotics, frequent mouthwash use and other reasons. Tooth discolouration is treated by teeth whitening, which is performed by cosmetic dentists. Various types are available. Some methods are performed only in the clinic by a short treatment with a whitening gel and light, and some are performed at home by using custom made bleaching trays and a whitening liquid. If you would like to find a dentist in Chester to treat tooth discolouration, book an appointment with us.