Starting afresh with your dentist in Chester

A new patient and a new journey

The first appointment with a new dental practice can fill you with a feeling of apprehension and in some cases complete dread. Understanding what you are walking into for the first time can, in most cases, relieve the stress and help you prepare yourself should you need to.


In the majority of cases the appointment will last around 30 minutes at most, which allows the dental team to understand your previous dental history, what your present circumstances are and where you hope to be in the not-so-distant future. After all, your dental dreams can be small or great, but either way it is taking small steps in the right direction that will help you achieve your goals.

In order to continue the overall understanding of your current oral health, a thorough examination will be carried out by our dentist in Chester. This in-depth process carried out by our dentist in Chester along with the general chat about your goals, not only allows the dental team to start on the same page as you, but also allows them to create an appropriate plan going forward based on all the information. Whilst seeing your records written down and having a general discussion is extremely vital, combining this with the examination allows the dental team to view the whole picture rather than segments of your oral health.

Taking precautions and putting in the checks

It may seem like a lot goes on in the first appointment, but rest assured each check is in place to ensure your oral health gets the best care possible. This is why, during the 30 minutes we also take an oral cancer screening. This is not to scare patients, but by getting this check in place we are able to spot any signs of cancer early on and tackle the cancerous cells early without delay.

Educating new patients and regular patients

Now whether you have been a patient with us for some time, or are just beginning your journey with our dentist in Chester, we are here to help educate you in how to care for your teeth, mouth and gums.

Whilst from an early age we are told to brush our teeth, as time goes on and our age changes, it is all too easy to adjust our daily habits, and in some cases, this negatively impacts our cleaning process. During your appointment, all of these aspects of your daily clean will be assessed and addressed to ensure that your oral health stays on top form. It may be that your brushing technique needs to be lengthened in time, or put under less pressure from the brush. Whilst it all may sound rather technical, the impact of brushing too hard or too little can greatly affect the teeth and gums, which is why our dental team will work with you to educate on the best at-home process along with what equipment to use.

Putting in the time

Although our lives have become busier and spending time on your oral care each day may feel time-consuming, taking the trouble to implement it every day is of the utmost importance, as is attending regular appointments with your dental team at Future Health Partnership Practices.