Struggling to get your toddler to the dentist? 5 benefits of early years dental care

Few parents can say that getting their child to attend a dental check-up is easy.

While children generally dislike most medical appointments, it seems that dental based ones are their least favourite, causing many parents to wonder what the importance of child based dental care actually

Indeed, your child’s milk teeth are not permanent, but there is more to children’s dentistry than simply keeping baby teeth in good condition. There are many aspects of early years dental care that simply cannot be taught later in life, so it is best to ensure that as soon as your child turns 12 months old, they attend their first dental visit.

At Future Health Partnership Practices, our teams have seen many children through those first few early appointments, and have seen the long-term benefits of their work. Our dentist in Chester will always ensure that you and your child are comfortable and confident under their care, treating you both with compassion and respect at all times.

But what are some of the advantages that your child will gain from early years dental care? Read on to find out!

Forms good habits

Of course, a key benefit of introducing your child to dentistry early in life is that it forms good habits. Our dentist in Chester will show them how to correctly care for their teeth, discuss the harmful impacts of too many sugary sweets and teach them how to spot problems. All of these are important to maintaining a healthy mouth, and can easily be introduced to children.

Builds trust

An intrinsic link has been found between children who attended dental surgeries earlier in life and having a higher standard of dental health when they are older.

Why? Because early exposure allows your child to build trust with our dentist in Chester and reduces the chances of phobias later in life. And, with no phobias to worry about, they are naturally more likely to attend their dental check-ups as adults.


Another advantage is that early dental trips allow our team to prevent issues from occurring later in life, with the most well-known area being orthodontic issues.

While your child may need to wear braces to correctly align their teeth and jaws, our team may be able to offer this treatment sooner, reducing the overall time-span of wearing a brace.

Boosts confidence

Children who have healthy, white teeth are more likely to show them off and to feel good about how they look.

The result is that they will feel more confident in their appearance throughout their life. As we all know children love to get praise, and each dental visit will end with them receiving approval from our team for keeping their teeth healthy.

Better overall health

A health mouth equates to a lowered risk of secondary conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disorders. So, helping your child to see the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy goes far beyond simply having a whiter and straighter smile!