Wellness is at the forefront for this dentist in Chester!

Dentistry in the twenty-first century is all about striving to achieve a harmonious balance of health, throughout the whole body. Future Health Partnership Practices provide a list of treatments which strive to help patients achieve a complete state of healthiness. Teeth can affect us in so many ways, for example our mental state, by reducing our self-confidence. Tooth decay can produce bacteria which can affect our health and our digestive system. As a responsible dentist in Chester we pay particular attention to the desires and needs of our patients. Building relationships with you allows us to be frank and encourages patients to respond in the same way. This process of discussion and listening to each other has allowed us to design the treatments that we offer around our patients.


Encouraging preventive dentistry

We actively encourage parents to bring their children with them, when they have an appointment, from a very early age. The primary aim of this dentist in Chester for treating your children at a young age is to educate them about the importance of oral hygiene. This allows your child to become familiar with the surgery’s surroundings and allows our entire staff to build a relationship with your child. This creates a relaxed and positive environment right from the start which will help your child to overcome any dental anxieties. When the time comes to do an oral examination all the previous visits will have laid the groundwork and your child will be relaxed. It is also important to identify any problems that may be manifesting at an early age to ensure that your child enjoys a healthy dental life. Preventive dentistry is not only aimed at children, but squarely at adults as well.

Treatments for the mouth, mind and body

Life is stressful enough without having to worry about our personal health, but it cannot be neglected and as a progressive dentist in Chester we have included some additional treatments that can be carried out during your six-monthly dental visits. We believe that your routine half yearly visits can incorporate a health screening appointment. At this appointment we will check your blood pressure and cholesterol. We will do a glucose screening and check your height, weight and do a BMI assessment. This will help to give you peace of mind and if we find anything that we feel you should have checked we will advise you accordingly. Our comprehensive range of general dental treatments includes dental hygiene, extractions and fillings, emergency and root canal treatments. To give you back your smile and boost your self-confidence our cosmetic treatments will straighten your teeth with braces. We can also fix any chips and cracks with porcelain veneers and whiten your teeth to provide you with a sparkling smile. There is no need to live with missing teeth as we can correct this with crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants.

That little bit extra!

Our practice recognises the need for some facial enhancement procedures and because we already have knowledge of the facial anatomy and sterile treatment rooms it makes sense to offer some of these treatments. We will help to reduce those annoying signs of ageing like wrinkles with anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal filler injections. Our greatest reward is seeing our patients leave us after treatment with a radiant smile on their face.