Why does our dentist in Chester recommend regular check-ups?

Having a healthy, happy smile without an unpleasant odour is the kind of smile that everyone wants. Whether in the early stages of life or the older stages, dental hygiene is paramount and therefore our dentist encourages all our patients to have regular appointments.dentist-in-chester

What can regular dental appointments potentially help to prevent?

When our dental team refers to routine appointments, we mean every 6 months or as close to that as possible. This will not be the same for every patient as some may require more frequent visits or potentially less visits, but this will always be discussed with you. It may seem a lot when you are not suffering from any discomfort or noticeable issues, but the earlier we spot any potential problems in your mouth the better chance we have of reducing and potentially eliminating the problem. Preventive dentistry is what our dentist in Chester thrives on and if all our patients follow this ethos our more severe cases would be reduced dramatically. The way forward to a healthy mouth is to use preventive dentistry as much as possible.

What does a standard routine appointment entail?

To begin with our dentists will take an in-depth examination of your teeth, gums and mouth. This may include X-rays depending on what the physical assessment of your mouth shows.

Talking to you, our patient, is of course paramount during any appointment, as only you are able to tell us if any issues or discomfort has occurred since your last appointment. Therefore we will discuss any dental problems that may have arisen with you.

Believe it or not your general health and dietary issues can have a mild to severe effect on the health of your teeth and gums. For instance smoking. We therefore will also discuss this with you so as to provide you with all the possible information to make healthy choices.

A potentially obvious part of the appointment is to talk about your overall dental cleaning habits. Brushing technique is paramount in keeping the teeth, gums and mouth healthy, therefore once this has been discussed, our dentist in Chester will further advise on any beneficial improvements that can be made such as flossing.

Once an understanding of potential improvements in dental hygiene has been made we will discuss and explain any further treatments that may be needed, and discuss making hygienist appointments.

A detailed treatment plan will then be agreed and provided to you.

Whether providing a new dental plan or continuing with a current plan we are happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide you with information on all the options available. Our dentist in Chester wants you to be as comfortable as possible with your treatment plan.

If there is no treatment required and all your questions have been answered, we will inform you of your next recommended appointment.

Regular check-ups make preventive dentistry possible.

We always recommend discussing any of the treatments and procedures that you think you may need with your dentist, to gain more information before making any decisions.