Your oral health and hygiene check-up with our dentist in Chester

Looking after your teeth is one of the most important things you should consider as an adult, as you will only ever have one set of adult teeth and they need to last you your entire adult life. This often becomes a fact that many people choose to ignore, and that in turn leads to the development of severe dental and oral issues that may need invasive dental treatments to resolve them. It can end in the use of treatments such as fillings, extractions, and root canals.


If you want to ensure you have the best oral health possible it is important to do the things you need to, so that your teeth, gums, and mouth receive the care they require, this includes brushing your teeth twice a day as recommended by all dental professionals.

Another asset you can use to help ensure you have the best oral health and hygiene possible is a dentist in Chester, where you can receive your regular check-ups and any dental treatment you may require. Yet, a large number of adults living in the UK are not registered with a dental practice, meaning they are not in a position to know what they may need to change in order to attain the best oral hygiene and health possible.

If the last statement rings true to you, then you may want to make a change and register with a practice that can offer you the dental care your teeth deserve.

The benefits of registering with a local practice

By registering with our dentist in Chester you will soon start to reap the benefits of doing so quite soon after your first appointment, as you will soon find that you are receiving professional help and advice that could enhance your oral health in ways you may never have thought about.

Your first appointment will be a check-up where your teeth, gums, and mouth can be fully examined and your oral health needs can be assessed by our dental professional. At this appointment you may have your teeth X-rayed and you may be asked to undergo an oral cancer screening test. All the information that is collected will help us to formulate a picture of where your oral health is at and what your needs are, this will help to inform any treatment plan moving forward.

Another good use of your initial check-up is the fact it helps you to introduce yourself to our dental staff who are going to be involved in your oral care. This is your opportunity to start any conversation you feel would be useful between you and our dental professionals, providing you with care, advice, and treatment. We would encourage you to ask questions and gain answers, as this often makes our patients feel more comfortable about sitting in the dental chair.

Make a change today

If you are looking to register with our dentist in Chester then you should call the practice today, the reception staff will be happy to help you register and will book your first appointment, that way you can start enjoying high-quality oral health and hygiene in a short time.

Our practice welcomes NHS and private patients and is currently undergoing renovation to increase the surgery’s availability.