Fee Guide

Patient Fee Guide 2021

Fees correct as of March 2021.

Please note, treatment plans and estimates will be given to you before treatment commences and a signature is required before booking an appointment, accounts must be settled at the time of the appointment.

Consultations and Diagnostics Private fee
New patient dental health check Adult from 70.00
New patient dental health check Child from 21.00
Dental health check from 46.00
Age 3 - 18 from 21.00
Age 0 – 2 FREE

from 15.00
from 30.00
Emergency appointment from 70.00
Implant, Six Month Smiles, Whitening, Facial Aesthetics Free
Hygienist Treatments  
Routine from 46.00
Extensive from 70.00
Routine restorations, fixed prosthetics, RCT, XLA'S  
Bonded white composite fillings from 86.00 - 153.00
Crowns/bridges, per unit from 555.00
Root canal therapy from 160.00
Tooth extractions - single from 104.00
Surgical Extractions priced on examination
Implants, single fully restored with a crown, from 2,800.00
Six Month Smiles from 3120.00
Full Upper and Lower from 1490.00
(£1000 with best teeth)
Upper or Lower from 745.00
Partial Upper or Lower from 433.00
Co/Cr plate in F/- from 108.00 extra
Co/Cr partial from 595.00
Clear clasps on partial dentures, from 54.00
Viscogel reline from 86.00
Permanent reline from 86.00
Implant retained priced individually
Denture additions, from 114.00
Tooth whitening (incl surgery and home), from 280.00
Night/bite guard, from 89.00
Gum shield,
single colour

from 73.00
from 84.00
Oral Health Products
Oral B 600 electric toothbrush 30.00
Oral B 2000 electric toothbrush 40.00
Oral B elec toothbrush heads 9.00
Oral B pro-expert's manual toothbrush 3.00
Floss 3.00
Interdental brushes 3.00
Disclosing tablets 3.00
Corsodyl mouthwash 3.00
NHS Treatments

With the emphasis on prevention, at Foregate Street Dental Clinic, we will provide all necessary treatment required to secure and maintain your oral health.

The cost of NHS dental treatment is split into four charging bands. The amount you will pay depends on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy. You will only be asked to pay for one of the charging bands for any complete course of treatment. The current prices are as follows:

All fees are correct as at
Band 1
Band 2
Band 3
Band 4 emergency
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