Foregate Street Dental Clinic in Chester city centre

Private Treatments

At Foregate Street Dental Clinic we can provide private treatments that are outside the scope of the NHS such as:

Cosmetic filling being carried out at Foregate Street Dental Clinic

Cosmetic fillings

We can make tooth coloured fillings to match the exact shade of the remaining tooth structure. Sometimes we can layer the composite in different shades to recreate the original tooth colour. These fillings are difficult to place, especially in the molar area. Moisture control is very important for the best bonding of the filling material to the tooth, and often we will need to place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the tooth surface completely dry.

Price: Under Review

Lady with cosmetic veneers in Chester

Cosmetic veneers, crowns, bridges

We can make full ceramic (metal free) veneers and crowns, and sometimes even bridges. With no metal in the crown light will be able to pass through the tooth which enhances the appearance of the tooth, making it look more lifelike. This technique also removes the ‘dark line’ you sometimes see around the gum area. When making the crown, the laboratory will be able to spend more time in creating a closer likeness to the real tooth.

If one or more teeth are missing, we can make a bridge to fill the gap. If the space is big and the bridge involves many teeth we might have to use special instrument to register the bite between the upper and lower jaw.

Price: Under Review

Dentures in glass of water

Dentures and Metal Dentures

When several teeth need replacing, we can provide dentures. Private dentures can be made to look more realistic. The technician can use better looking teeth and spend more time to improve the appearance of the gum area. If necessary, we can make metal dentures. These provide better retention from the remaining teeth in the mouth and reduce the amount of plastic in the mouth, thereby improving the comfort and taste experience.

Price: Under Review

Complicated root canal treatment

If a tooth has become non-vital, the nerve has died and all the life tissue in the tooth, such as nerve tissue and blood vessels, becomes necrotic. The necrotic tissue will attract bacteria and will cause an infection under the tooth. This infection can turn into an abscess, which causes extreme pain and/or swelling. Given the complicated nature of the problem, and the high risk of complications after treatment, the NHS advises only to do root fillings in very straightforward cases with a high chance of success.

We can do more complicated root filling using more specialised instruments and materials, and a special microscope. With extra time and the use of this specialist equipment we can increase the chance of a good result.

Price: Under Review

Ladt with adult braces in Chester

Adult braces

Our dentist Navdeep Kaur is trained to treat patients with help of the Inman Aligner. The Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. It is an efficient, very safe method to straighten your teeth for a great value. With the patented Inman Aligner, your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position in a matter of weeks. Most cases are completed in 6-18 weeks and because it's removable you can take the brace out to fit with your lifestyle.

Find out more on the Inman Aligner website including how it works.

We will refer more complicated orthodontic cases to a specialist.

Price: Under Review

Adult lady flossing her teeth

Hygiene treatment

If you feel the need to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned an extra time, our therapist can do that. You do not need an extra appointment to see the dentist first.

If you want the dentist to refer you to our therapist for private periodontal treatment, or simple scale and polish, that is also possible.

Price: Under Review

Dental air polisher

Air polisher

The shine of your teeth can be reduced due to over-indulgence in red wine, coffee and other strong foods and drinks. We can now offer our patients an immediate solution that will make your teeth look and feel fantastically fresh and clean. Air-polishing is a rapid and highly effective way to return to a brilliant smile, without using harsh tooth whitening products.

It uses a pressurised stream of a non-toxic aluminium oxide powder which rapidly removes the surface marks. It will get in all the little nooks and crannies in your teeth.

FLASH pearl, a cleaning powder from Prophy-Mate neo, is a spherical particulate powder designed to roll smoothly over tooth surfaces and penetrate all corners for rapid cleaning. The spherical shape of the powder granules lessens the likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue while removing stains and plaque quickly and safely.

The treatment is an extra with the private hygiene treatment.

Price: Under Review

Photo showing results of tooth whitening at Foregate Street Dental Clinic

Tooth whitening

At Foregate Street Dental Clinic we offer the Pola Day products for teeth whitening. For tooth whitening a method has been developed to clean away very small particles which have become embedded within the enamel structure of the tooth. A gel is used that draws all these particles out of the enamel, without damaging the tooth structure. The clean enamel, like porcelain, will create a lighter shine to your teeth.

Because this is a dental procedure and does not work on fillings and crowns a dental consultation is needed before treatment starts.

We use a home whitening kit that has a low concentration of the cleaning agent. You will be given two custom made trays that fit closely around your teeth, and a box of gel. Once a day you put a small amount of gel in the trays and wear the trays with the gel for one hour at the time. Over time your teeth will slowly turn lighter in shade. It is slower than an in-surgery system but the advantage is that it is safer, causes less sensitivity, and you have more control over the process. The low concentration presents no risk to the surrounding soft tissue.

Tooth whitening is a dental procedure. Only a GDC registered dentist can do the treatment, or refer to another dental professional to do the treatment. Anybody else offering this treatment is in breach of the law and one can put oneself at serious risk of harm, without recourse, by agreeing to treatment by a non-registered dentist.

Price: Under Review

Dental implants example


We do not place implants ourselves. We consider this to be such a complicated treatment with so many options and restrictions, that we refer to a specialist. We believe only a fully qualified specialist with all the knowledge and equipment available is suitable to do this kind of treatment.

We are happy to be able to advise you of the best place to go for this treatment.